Boiler Specialists

Boiler Specialists:

We offer a 5 year guarantee on certain boilers, please enquire for further information.

Up to date legislation:
We pride ourselves on having the most up to date information possible, enabling us to give you the possible advice for your property needs.

Did you know that from 2005, Part L regulations have made it all but impossible to install non condensing boilers in domestic properties, but that they are still on sale for people to buy, do not be caught out!

From April 2011, the regulations are changing again, so you can only have an A Rated condense boiler, installed in your property. At present, provided it was ordered before October 2010, you can install a B Rated Appliance up until April 2011, so this is something to be aware of, when getting quotes from other installers.

It is recommended for residential properties to have a thermostat fitted to the heating system, generally set at 21celcius, to control the temperature of the property, this stops your boiler burning more gas than necessary, saving you money on your bills.

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