Please note- this advice is not just for rental properties it is for every property in the country

We just wanted to let you know about new legislation that is coming into force, regarding concealed flues in voids.

From 1st January 2013, every property that has flues situated in ceiling spaces and walls, which cannot be accessed for inspection, have to have access panels fitted. This mainly applies to flats and apartments, usually those built after the year 2000, but is not exclusive to these.

The reason for this new legislation, is because there is a larger risk of Carbon Monoxide poisoning as they cannot be fully inspected. There have been a number of deaths in properties where the flues are not accessible so it is imperative that you get your property checked.

So, from 1st January 2012, every property that needs inspection hatches, will now only pass a Gas Safety inspection with an audible Carbon Monoxide alarm in the property, which we can install whilst at your property, this gives you up to a year to arrange the inspection hatches ready for 1st January 2013.

John can only pass the gas inspection with the Carbon Monoxide alarm present, so if you wish to purchase your own, it will have to be present in the property before John attends, and it must be an audible one, to BS EN 50291:2001 to be able to pass the gas safety inspection.

You have until 31st December 2012 to make sure all properties have hatches, if from the 1st Jan 2013 a Gas Safety Inspection is carried out, and the hatches are not there, even if it does have a Carbon Monoxide alarm, it will be classed as “at risk” and turned it off.

As a guide, it is recommended that hatches are at least 300mm x 300mm and wherever possible, be positioned within 1.5m of any joint in the flue system, therefore, some properties might only need one hatch, others might need more.

The CO Alarms are £40 plus VAT, and we carry a large stock on the van, so if your property needs one, we will fit whilst on site.

Please also pass this invaluable advise to your family and friends, it might very well save a life.

See leaflet from Gas Safe Register for further information

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