Boiler Installations

Deciding on a new boiler can be a daunting prospect.  We are here to give you all the impartial advice you could need, to ensure you have the correct boiler installed, leaving you with hassle free central heating system for years to come.

All our boiler installations come with a minimum 2 year guarantee, but with many of the major manufacturer’s we have secured 5 years warranties, including Parts & Labour giving you complete peace of mind from start to finish.

  • We will assess your current boiler and ascertain your requirements to make sure you are supplied with a suitable boiler for the size of your property.
  • Only install A Rated boilers- as from 5th April 2011 A Rated boilers are the only ones allowed to be installed into a property
  • We will supply a full written quote to you before any works are undertaken
  • We power flush your system
  • We supply & fit Magna Clean filter to prevent a build up of sludge
  • Once installed, we give you or your Tenant a courtesy call 7 days later to check everything is working, that you have fully understood how to use the controls
  • We will re-attend the property ourselves in the first year, if there is an issue for no fee
  • We will undertake the Gas Safe Registration process
  • Register your boiler with the manufacturer
  • Supply Benchmark Building Regulations Compliance Certificate (please note, if you are renting out your property, a Benchmark certificate is not in place of a Landlord’s Gas Safety Certificate)


Boiler Installations & Power Flushing


Does your heating system suffer from any of the following?

Radiators not heating up, or are cold at the bottom?

Do you find you are regularly bleeding your radiators?

Do your pipes make loud banging noises?

Do your radiators have dirty water in them?

 Then it’s time for a power flush

Power flushing your system can prolong the life of your heating system, making it last longer, reduce the risk of the boiler breaking down, will have warmer radiators and in turn, a warmer house.

To carry out a power flush, we attach our power flushing pump to your heating system, and it literally flushes away the corrosion and sludge deposits that have built up in the system, leaving you with clean pipes and radiators, and will save gas consumption of boiler.

If you have a new boiler installed, please make sure the system has been power flushed at time of installation, otherwise you might find your warranty invalid, if the rest of the system does not comply with the manufacturer’s terms.

(we offer power flushes with all our boiler installations as standard)

 Simply call 0208 420 2344 if it’s time your heating system had a full clean and we can organise for you














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